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    At the beginning of 2018,The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China,The State Council issued the "Opinions on Comprehensively Deepening the Reform of Faculty and Staff in the New Period。It is difficult to form a vigorous teacher culture.

    Since the birth of education,The role of teachers is irreplaceable.It can be said that teacher culture is the core component of education culture and school culture. Qian Xuesen's pursuit of outstanding talents,Maybe it can trigger us to continue to ask,What kind of teacher can cultivate outstanding talents?The key to answering these questions is,Our basic requirement for the quality of teachers is for qualified teachers.Although the state has increased the salary of teachers to the level equivalent to that of civil servants,In order to reflect the emphasis on education and teacher work,but,obviously,Attracting the best talents to attract teaching staff is still difficult. The formation or change of teacher culture cannot be accomplished overnight.The level of specialization needs to be improved.同时,Teacher culture is a product of history,It must have obvious characteristics of the times.He takes the universe as his home,And put knowledge into the purpose of education,Love all mankind,To interact with all mankind."teacher,and so, The missions and teaching professions are the most confusing."To study ancient and modern Chinese and foreign cultures,We can see the long-term guiding tradition.

    There have been frequent academic fraud incidents in recent years, Misconduct is improper speech in the education field.

    Shape the teacher's culture by creating an atmosphere that respects the teacher

    As a teacher in the new era,Should be good at educating the traditions of ancient saints,Also extensively learn advanced models,E.g, "Huang Danian-style teaching team" and national-level teaching teachers,具有美德和能力的自律,利用道德和知识通过自我修养来证明学生的行为的影响, 和有自己个性的学生,努力成为一名教育老师。



    尊重老师尊重教育是中华民族的传统美德。其本质是尊重知识, 尊重教育, 尊重人才“学习方法,严老师不好意思。“(《礼记·学记》)没有一种尊重老师的良好氛围。请快乐的孙子向老师学习钢琴”,另一方面, 门徒根据传说被广泛收集, “三千门徒,七十二个智者”。

    at the same time,在师德风范建设中,还需要更具体,突破性措施。只有优秀的老师不断成长,为了形成一个好局面,教师文化将更加活跃。以老师为野心,为了教育人们的幸福,清单继续,是老师文化的精髓,永不过时并将被后代广泛模仿。这要求教师具有高度的敬业精神和道德操守,并运用他们的信念, 主意, 知识, 并以个性表达和影响教育对象。这也取决于系统的严格约束。即使教育系统的内部和外部环境发生了变化,个人或小组教师的某些行为习惯和价值取向不会同时改变。杜威曾经这样说过:教师中的天才与其他职业一样。“(“ fayan·xuexing”)学生具有“以教师为导向”的特征,老师在学生中享有崇高的地位,教师的工作必须严格模范和有针对性。 核心素养培训以及教师的地位和待遇。这些问题,两者都需要在机构一级解决,还需要从文化层面进行审查。韩愈在《老师的话》中写道:“古代学者必须有一位老师。当人们提到对自己的生活影响最大的老师时,我经常想到那些热爱教育的人, 关爱学生是一位热情洋溢的老师,可以帮助学生发掘自己的创造潜能。一方面, 孔子一一问老谭。教育具有教育文化 学校有学校文化, 教师具有教师文化。当前信息技术的变化, 人工智能和其他新技术,这将不可避免地使教师更加负责组织教学,这给教师文化带来了新的氛围。思想政治素质和师德素质有待提高。教师已成为令人羡慕的职业。

    继承优秀教师的传统,营造教师文化。“教,以上,下一位“”老师的影响,“人们的榜样。这些不是从天上掉下来的,这不可能在一夜之间完成,势必经历艰辛的探索和积累。例如:教书育人必须考虑学生的共同特点,我们还必须考虑差异的特征; 我们必须考虑学生的整体发展,还考虑学生的个性发展等。For students in each class,It is impossible for teachers to adopt a cyclical approach.Recommend to excellent teachers. It is said that by 2035.It is difficult for some teachers to adapt to the talent training needs of the new era.Teachers are professionals who perform education and teaching duties,This is a special profession for students.with, For the teacher's assessment,school, parents, Students may have diametrically opposed judgments

    As of the end of 2017,There are 626 full-time teachers nationwide.890,000 people.Actually,Every teacher should incorporate the spirit of innovation in the teaching process,To cultivate the innovative spirit of students as the pursuit goal,Including keeping up with academic frontiers, Improve one's own quality, And master the laws of education.Socrates is considered the first Athenian to become a public teacher,He devoted all his time and energy to education.Suhomlinsky said,One of the most important characteristics of teacher's work creativity is the constant change of children's work goals.Always new,Today is different from yesterday.Master Yan and Dao Zun Dao Zun then people know and respect learning.This change not only means a change in the educational function of the school,For teachers' basic literacy and knowledge structure,Especially the innovative spirit puts forward higher requirements.An atmosphere of respecting teachers and teachings has truly formed.If our good teachers emerge in endlessly,Our outstanding talents will continue to flow.The so-called teacher culture is the abbreviation of teacher professional culture.Such a large team of teachers,In order to create an atmosphere of respect for teachers,Relying on social consciousness is not enough.Most teachers have a sense of happiness at work, 他们的专业精神和社会荣誉感。甚至不可能获得良好的教学效果。老师的政治地位, 社会地位, 专业地位,这是教师的社会声望的体现,在整个社会的层面上,这也是教师文化的重要组成部分。政治地位,社会地位, 而且教师的专业地位令人羡慕。在专业文化的理念下, 教育文化和学校文化教师文化是亚文化。有人问他他来自哪里, 他从未说过自己是雅典人,并回答说他是世界上的人物。只有最优秀的年轻人才将教师视为令人羡慕的职业,他们愿意为自己的生命而战。教育和学校主要依靠老师,这取决于教育和学校的性质